The midterm elections are going to be the can’t miss event of 2018.

Are you going to the Party?

Democracy is one big party and
all you have to do to get in is register to vote.


How do you register?
Easy. will have you set in two minutes!

It’s a party, so why not make a little noise?


If you plan on voting in the 2018 midterm elections,
don’t keep it a secret.
In fact, why not share your intention to vote with your family, friends and followers right now?!


You know who else will be interested
in your decision to vote in 2018?
Your elected representatives in Congress!
[Find your representatives on GovTrack]
If you aren’t happy with the direction the country is going in,
you should let your representatives know right now
that you are paying attention and will be voting
based on what you do or do not see over the next year.

Nothing should stand in the way of The People going to The Polls. When national elections are upon us, a national holiday should ensue. Trade it out for Presidents’ Day and let’s celebrate democracy in action for a change!


Until such a holiday exists however, we will work toward empowering The People to vote by promoting early voting, vote by mail, absentee ballots and other opportunities expanding access to voting, along with reaching out to businesses about providing time off for voting and to the voters themselves to take the day off for democracy!

It’s not a regular Tuesday.
The democratic process can and should be debated, but rather than ever let it languish, let’s elevate it.


Casting a vote in a free and open election is a reason to celebrate.


In early 2018, The Party will begin helping folks around the country organize gatherings to bring together friends and family on election day. It’s not about who voted for who, but simply an effort to put the party back in participation!

Our Mission: Promote positive non-partisan participation in politics by fostering conversations about voting and making an event out of election day.


To remain free is simple: Do not take for granted that you are free. Over a third of the people on Earth can not say the same thing today.
Voting is as much a right as a responsibility, and it is not one easily gained. Democracy has been fought for time and again and the battle has continued as we expanded our notion of The People to truly include all of the people.
By not showing up at the polls however, the prize of democracy can slowly be taken away as our elected officials grow comfortable only serving the people who are speaking up.

Let’s keep it positive, America!